Steve Cooper

Friendship, Connection, and Authenticity are at the core of Steve’s journey and his
ministry to men.

Drawing on stories from his and other’s’ lives, Steve comes alongside men, listening
without judgment or shame and helping them discover they are “NOT ALONE” in life’s
storms as many others are walking in the same shoes. We call it the “ME TOO” factor.
And ultimately it is realizing the “Good News” of “God is with us”, whatever our STORM
may be.

As Waking the Passion’s founder and Executive Director, Steve speaks to men’s groups
about discovering the power of Friendship, the battle against isolation, and Freedom
through authenticity.

A former TCU football player, Steve’s passions are college football, cooking on the grill,
and hanging out with friends and family. He lives in Houston, Texas with Karen, his
bride of 37 years. They have two adult children married with one granddaughter each.

WAKING THE PASSION has been engaging men at some of life’s greatest crossroads
since 2005.